About us

The Barkside is a small, family-run business working from Pineham Lock, Northampton and was founded September 2017. Having owned a variety of pets throughout our lives, we’re avid animal lovers with a wide range of experience with animals.

We never out-board to other carers, meaning that we get to know both you and your dog(s) very well, helping to eliminate stress they – and you – may feel each time they are placed with someone new. Your dog(s) become much-loved members of our family, ensuring that when they are with us, they really do feel like they're at a ‘home from home’.

Kitty is the owner and primary animal caretaker at The Bark Side. Having attended both Moulton College and Northampton University to study Animal Welfare, she is even now further expanding her education and skills with animals by studying as a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, whilst attempting to train Winnie, our Border Collie pup, within the Good Dog Citizen Scheme.

Why People like us

Fully Insured

Through Protectivity, The Bark Side has specialist insurance for pet services, including but not limited to pet sitting, home boarding and dog walking - meaning that we, you and your pets are fully covered.

Licenced Establishment

The Bark Side is a licenced home boarding establishment for dogs, under the Nothampton Borough Council since 2017.

Trained and Qualified

We've attended and completed qualifications at moulton college at both the college and university levels, giving us experiance and knowledge in a range of animal pet care fields.